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We provide all the necessary support in the recruitment process in the UK and Ireland. We advise you on how to write a job application and prepare you for interviews. With us you can get all the other important and necessary information about living and working in the UK and Ireland. We are at your disposal for any additional information.

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Our task

Our task is to provide you with a fast and professional service that will allow you to find the job you want within in the United Kingdome and Ireland. Changing your environment, moving to another country, and creating a new life in a new environment is hard and arduous work. For this reason, we strive to make everything easier and help you with moving and leaving. We are at your disposal for all inquiries!

Live-in Care in the UK

We are looking for caregivers for the Live-in Care (24-hour assistance) project in the UK. The work is in shifts, you choose how long you wish to stay and who you wish to work with. The way we work is that an app is installed on your mobile phone after the interview which enables us to follow everything through the app and enables you to see patient profiles, where they live, for what period of time they need a caregiver, and so on. Prerequisites include: one year of experience in a nursing home, home care or 24-hour assistance, knowledge of English at a communicative level, willingness and desire to work with the elderly. The salary range is from £ 550 to £ 800 a week. Free food and accommodation.

Live in Care

Live-in Care in Ireland

We are looking for caregivers for the Live-in Care (24-hour assistance) project in Ireland. The salary range is from 1660 Euros gross/monthly for 35 working hours/week or 2500 Euros gross/monthly for 48 working hours/week. Keep in mind that we can guarantee 35 working hours/week. More working hours will depend on the client you select. We are looking for experienced carers with good English, work experience of at least 6 months, who can stay in Ireland for at least 6 months and more, who are kind, friendly and empathetic.

Patronage in the UK

We offer work in nursing homes across Ireland. These are mostly private nursing homes where the owners offer free accommodation for a month or two, pay for the flight (travel to Ireland), provide a course for the caregiver upon arrival, etc. We provide attractive offers and the opportunity to start work quickly!

Live in Care

Patronage in Ireland

We offer work in nursing homes across the United Kingdome with excellent working conditions and secured accommodation. The UK offers the possibility of working in-home care, so-called patronage work, where we are mostly looking for very good drivers. Patronage work does not require previous experience because you are trained for the work upon arrival. Alongside this, a few hours with a driving instructor are guaranteed in order to get used to different rules regarding driving a car in the country.

Special service: Professional resume writing

One of our services includes writing top quality professional CVs (Curriculum Vitae) on English, as well as the translation of your existing CV from Croatian to English. We also provide services in crafting unique and specially designed CVs which tell your career journey and personality in a creative way, so-called Creative CVs.
What is the difference between a professional CV and a professional creative CV?
For specific jobs, a written two-page CV does not cut it anymore in the competitive job market. A creative CV is specially designed to showcase your creative skills, problem-solving skills and is a great way to stand out from other applicants. A creative CV is a non-traditional format of a CV and does not follow the conventional CV format. These CVs are creative and catchy and are often in the format of infographics. This enables the candidate to not only show their work experience but puts a focus on their abilities.
Why is it important to have an exceptionally written CV?
Firstly, your CV is the first chance to make a good impression of yourself to your future potential employer. Whether you are applying for your first job or a completely new job your CV is the first thing that will apart you from others in the recruiter’s mind. If you believe you are the best person for the job, your CV needs to reflect that. It must reflect your skills, personality, and previous experience, whereas this must be eloquently written down to transmit your uniqueness and potential to the future employer. Your CV contributes to the different possible outcomes, of landing an interview or just ending up in the trash bin with other CVs. Therefore, a well-written CV is of upmost importance when applying for a job and will boost your chances for an interview and future job.

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